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As youve probably gathered by now, Im never short of things to say. Whether or not my words have value is quite a different matter. Of course, thats really for you to determine. Speaking for myself, Id settle for making sense. Whether this is within the scope of possibility remains to be seen. Like everyone, I have good days and bad days. Sometimes I can even tell the difference. Usually, though, Im too busy writing to dwell on the subject. When Im not writing, Im either cooking or complaining. Sometimes I complain while I cook, and vice-versa. In modern parlance, I believe this is called multi-tasking. This is probably as close to the twenty-first century that Ill ever come.

But enough about me. Now its your turn. Id love to hear from you. Dont be shy. Your questions and comments are welcome. Whats on your mind? What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you have any hobbies? While youre at it, list the capital cities of every country in the world, in alphabetical order. If you cant do that (I know I cant), then tell me what youre reading these days. Which authors do you like? Why? When you visit a bookstore, are you satisfied with what you find, or do you feel something is missing?

Anyway. You get the idea.

To those of you who have already written, thanks again. And thanks to all of you for stopping by. Please come again soon. Next time, I hope you will bring a friend.

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