A Beggar’s Sigh

So obediently
do we succumb,
gone down, then,
one by one,
our belief in life
a tenuous bond,
known one day
to be broken, broken.

Gentlemen here
and ladies present,
nest in downward slope,
marble confessions
and juniper walls,
young ladies’ dresses
turned rags to rope,
seldom seen
for harps’n angels’n
steadfast lawns,
winding past
the distant shore
where mourners gathered
seek shade from sun’n
breeze at noon,
eyes on the ground
we depart so soon,
gone down, then,
one by one.

Here lies gracious
in self-same way,
here is awkward
in feet of clay,
smart’n wise
the bankers snore,
wives’t suffered
in need of more,
youth’n kindness’n
blind man’s stare,
drunk’n folly’n
truth declared,
gone down, then,
one by one,
a beggar’s sigh,
heard no more.

September 10, 2005

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