Adam and Eve Have Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs,
the Spirit declared,
to the dismay
of pigs and hens.
This sacred morning
sit down with your wife,
but first wipe the grease
from your hands.
How lovely is the scene,
with newspaper
spread and jam,
this altar rock
�neath buttered toast
and light that is
spilling in.

The day is yours,
the Spirit affirmed,
upon that rests
My eternal word.
Walk in the garden,
but heed not
the thistle or worm.
All life is in blossom,
let not your
judgement pass.
Hear the sweet music,
tread lightly
the mossy path.

He�s at it once more,
said Adam to Eve.
Again He would
be profound.
He knows full well
it is we who till
this meager, rocky ground.
Pass the pepper,
Eve replied, before He
has sneezed it away.
My fill will I take
before the children
do wake and scream
to have their way.

Ah, said Adam and smiled,
your plan doth me inspire.
Here is the pepper, then,
it will add spice
to this splendid fire.
While Eve shook the pepper,
her hair fell softly down.
Her hand brushed
against Adam�s, who began
to ruffle her gown.
Silly thing, he said
and pushed it aside,
�tis fragrant and nice,
but I prefer what it hides.

As the eggs turned cold,
the two grew bold,
while the Spirit
drew nearer and watched.
Keep the Sabbath holy,
He finally tossed in,
knowing He�d already lost.
Twice that Sunday
was the Spirit ignored.
Twice did He wonder
why Adam loved Eve
and Eve loved him,
When it was I,
He thundered alone,
I, Who created them.

September 4, 2005

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