A Dramatic Intermission

What a horrible play! I feel so manipulated. Why am I here?
I don’t know. Because the author is your husband?
James? He won’t be for long, you know.
Yes. I know. . . . On the other hand, if it’s true . . .
If what is true?
Shh! People are looking.
Let them look! I’m used to it.
All right, then. All right. I heard . . . you’re expecting a child.
Did you? Well, it’s true, in a manner of speaking.
But . . . who is the father?
Why, my brother, of course.
Your brother?
You’re blushing. How cute.
And you’re smiling, thank goodness.
He is the father, though. He really is.
But —
Because the child I’m expecting is Alicia. My niece. She’ll be here for a month.
Your niece. . . . So, does this mean you’re not —
Hardly. Do I look it to you?
No. You look ravishing. But you always do. I’m sure you would, even if —
You’re so sweet. You know, he never looked at me that way.
Monica, I . . .
I . . . uh, feel bad for assuming you were . . . and that you and your —
It’s all right. I understand.
You do?
Yes. Although it is a little strange. But I wonder — who told you I was pregnant?
Ah. That’s another story. You see, before the play, I was talking to —
Oh, no!
What is it? What’s wrong?
Everyone’s going back in. It’s time for more of that stupid, stupid play.
Already? But we didn’t even have time to talk.
No, we didn’t. Thanks to him. But I’ll call you. Soon. When it’s all over.

Reluctantly, they part company. The lobby grows quiet. Everyone returns to their seats.
The lights dim. The play resumes. Sadly, by a strange twist of Fate, it refuses to end

April 17, 2005

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