I Met My Spirit

I met my spirit on the road.
Naked she was,
dripping from head to toe.

Where did my spirit go?
To bathe in primitive waters,
deep and still.

She laughed and said,
�I told the gods a thing or two,�
then fell into my arms.

She shivered in the cool night air.
But she was strong, not weak.
Dangerous, not small.

And a wicked light shone
in her night-blue eyes.
�Because I am with child.�

Her breath was the breeze,
laughing, laughing,
for the child was our own.

And there beside the road
we slept, beneath the stars,
until the dawn.

There beside the road
we kept each other warm,
like lovers safe at home.

When morning came
and the sun arose,
the three of us moved on.

May 28, 2005

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