Letter from the Future

        An Unexpected Reply
You were forgiven long ago. There is no need to worry now.
We raged and suffered, it is true, and cursed you in our sleep.
But somehow we kept your dream alive. The warm breath of
Poets fanned the coals. Their tongues and eyes were burned.
Our frightened leaders with withered minds buried them alive.
We sent great ships into space, but our missions were refuted.
Life simply smiled, then sent us home. She is a powerful force,
Wise, elemental, oblivious to time. Our greatest achievements
She cast aside like toys. When she laughed, a thousand years
Tumbled at our feet. Like you, we were insulted and confused.

Still, we stumbled on. We lived our lives encaged. We were pitied
By the animals who had courage to survive. They began to talk,
And we learned to listen. The world you recall was encoded in
Their brains � the rivers running, the soft rain falling, the sacred
Breath of spring � in a message sent from thought to thought,
Beneath a forest of blinking stars. Their kind words awakened
The same in us. We unfolded like grateful, dormant buds, knew
Childhood for the first time, watered the earth with tears of joy.
Springs bubbled from the ground. Flowers grew. We were rocked
Gently to sleep by a lullaby of light, and a tale of mythic sound.

If only you could see us now, and the world of your dreams.
We are not alone, but a civilization among many. Celestial visitors
Come and go. Some were with us all along, but waited patiently
To appear. In gentle songs, they remember your sad story.
We have no justice, because it has been achieved. We have no war,
Because no one believes in greed. No one seeks equality. No one
Thirsts or hungers. No one buys or sells. We only compete to give.
Death is now our friend. Can you understand? The door swings in,
The door swings out. To enter, one must leave. To be here is to go.
Such is life in this new world, where you were forgiven long ago.

May 1, 2005

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