Preface to the First Edition

Each time I pick it up,
I find this book has changed.
So many bends in the road,
So many landmarks.
Death. Rejuvenation.
Bloody thorns and hollow skulls.
The whisper of inspired stones.
The velvet hush of stars.
The crush of tattered ages.
Garments torn that show the way,
Wishes tied to bramble fingers.
Footprints. A handsewn sky,
Embroidered with clouds and birds.
An atlas of changing seasons.
Colored sounds. Scented silence.
Signs that point to words.
Tongues rich with song.
Bright eyes watching,
Wide plains listening,
Shy and misty veils.
The pain of many wounds.
Rusted knives and careworn tools.
Civilizations lost. Oceanic wonder.
Sailors far from home.
Deep in the mine of pages,
I see a lantern burning.
I see ghosts seeking
Elusive gems of truth.
I see vultures battling flies,
And blind men weighing vapor
On ancient scales.
Fledgling dreams on one side.
On the other, worlds waiting to be born.

January 17, 2006

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