A Stranger Looking In

Someday I will meet
my old Armenian aunts
at the bottom of a
bone-white demitasse.

We will laugh
about our fortunes
clinging to the sides,
hung upon the grounds.

We will be a riddle
to a stranger looking in,
a caravan along
the path
of twisted fate,
our ways
rocky and unknown.

It says here
as clearly as today
that your wealth
is about to grow.

A year from now
your child will be born,
and your grandfather�s
ancient vineyard
will bear one last crop
before axes bring it down.

These hard times
will soon be done,
flowers will bloom
beside your door.

It will be a boy, I�m sure,
and the sweetest grapes
you�ve ever known,
for here is Noah
walking down,
a mountain at his back.

See him planting vines
at the foot of Ararat.

June 6, 2005

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