The Ocean Says Yes

Fifty miles away,
the Pacific Ocean
says Yes in a voice
so patient it has taken
half the night to arrive.

Yes is my reply,
while cloud fingers,
frail and thin,
worry the creases
in a faded denim sky.

The ocean says Yes
to drowsy fields
sprawling in the sun,

Yes to ripened grain,
unhurried rivers, graves,
and corner stores,

Yes to eager children
quickly out of bed,
to proud mothers loved
by honest, tired men,

Yes to the clean sheets
they together sleep upon
in blessed healing hours,

Yes to the early morning table
laid with dreams by hands
that once were young,

Yes to last night�s ashtrays
and sticky tavern floors,
to pool tables and stories told
inside heavy, creaking doors,

Yes to Sunday baseball games
between rivals who are friends,
Yes to kisses wet with lemonade
and love that never ends,

Yes to urgency and bright desire,
Yes to moonlit lonely walks,
Yes to the trembling hands we hold,
Yes to orchard-biting frost,

The ocean says Yes
to our lazy crimes and songs,
Yes to all who listen,
Yes to all who long,

Yes to the baby�s cry,
Yes to the Yes of our reply.

August 15, 2005

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