The Thunder and the Crow

I am so exhausted now that feeling weary or tired would seem like a vacation. I always hurt somewhere, and usually several places at once � back, neck, knees, joints, arms, legs, elbows, shoulders, feet, hands. It is truly amazing what four months without a single night�s proper sleep will do. Anymore, I feel like the subject of a cruel experiment:

Let�s see how far we can push him.
Let�s see how far we can go.
Let�s see if he can endure it,
Said the thunder to the crow.
And the valley shook with laughter,
And the dark wind shook his soul.
But then a strange thing happened.
He would not kneel, he would not bow.

So said the trees, so said the weeds, when they took me to the burying ground.
So sang the lunatic chorus, when they lowered me down, down, down. . . .

September 20, 2006

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