They Come and They Go

They come and they go,
doubters, believers, friends,
they come and they go.

They speak softly at my grave,
then slowly walk away,
again to seek, to try, to begin.

They come, and then they go,
and I am left alone.

Humbled by the icy wind,
they come and they go,
in heavy coats with scarves
and upturned collars,
refuge for hidden hands.

Too cold to sing,
starving birds scatter
to all four corners.

There is warmth at home,
I know, a kettle singing
on the stove, I know,
cheerful windows that give
encouragement and light.

They come, and they go,
from bed to flame and back again.

They are haunted, as I am,
by the places they have been,
the faces they have seen.

They come, and then they go.
But I remain. I remain.

February 16, 2006

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