I just finished writing two letters, a task I enjoyed very much. The letters turned out quite well, I think. They said what needed to be said in an entertaining way that made what was said seem as if it didn’t need saying at all, but without diminishing its genuine importance — if that makes any sense.

If it doesn’t, or even if it does, then consider this: For me, writing a letter is like working on any other piece of writing. I want to get my point across, but I also want the result to be entertaining, even memorable. At the same time, I want to enjoy myself. I feel this way even about so-called business letters — first, because business is generally boring, and second, because I think people need to be reminded that there is more to life than taking money from each other and pretending that it is a meaningful thing to do.

There are subtle ways of doing this, and ways that are not so subtle. I have employed both, though I prefer the former over the latter. But even in cases where it has been necessary to explain to the recipient that he is a crook and a liar, I have been able to do so cheerfully. In fact, the cheerful tone helped drive the message home.

Now, you might wonder why I would find it necessary to explain to someone something he obviously already knows. The answer is simple: it is important that the person knows that I know. And even in cases when he does know I know, it is still important to state the truth, because chances are great that he has allowed himself to forget that he knows. By reminding him that he is a miserable and corrupt human being, there is a slightly better chance that he will one day decide to do something about it. In this way, I not only help him, but everyone else. Either that, or I make him so mad that he takes it out on the next ten people who happen along.

That much said, what about this particular piece of writing? Once again, I believe I said what needed to be said in a fairly entertaining way, and that this gives the impression that the important things I said didn’t really need saying. I also had fun doing it. In other words, this piece of writing is a big success. If it applies, you were reminded that you are a miserable, corrupt human being. If it doesn’t apply, you were reminded that it is important to remind those who are, and that it is, in fact, your duty.

I have also reminded myself of something. I have reminded myself that people don’t always need reminding, and that sometimes when they are reminded, they get very angry. And that is why I will end here.

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