Old Notes

Writing Smoke
Valley Days
Save As
One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure
The Man Who Lost His Head
Ghost and Cathedral
Dink’s Song
Keeper of the Bones
Sunny Side Up
Tea Time
When I Consider How My Light Is Spent
Is This Really Grandpa?
Notes from the Asylum
An Experiment in Public Art
Primitive Art
Poetry Behind the Barn
The Old Road
It’s Easier to Say Hello
Waste Not, Want Not
An Imperfection, More or Less
The Fisherman
Wrapped and Waiting
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The Genesis Effect
My Crime, Your Punishment
Scrambled Eggs and Cats
Do Not Enter While Light Is On
An Expert Opinion
The Smile of Reason
Philosophy 101
Humboldt’s Gift
The Sleepers’ Ward
The Rasputin Syndrome: Notes on Christmas Morning
Without Tangerines
Figs and Barre Chords
Alan Lomax and the Art of Possibility
The Call of the Wild
The Broken Link
True to the Music
Lord of the Dance
Burning the Midnight Oil
Yevgeny Zamyatin
Monday Morning Sarcasm
The Night After Christmas
Life After Joyce
Long Live Insanity
James Joyce’s Ulysses
Blue Ribbon Special
Chrysler, Kreisler, What’s the Difference?
One Cold Taco and a Nectarine
No Child Left with a Mind
Reading in Prison
Finishing One Book and Starting Another
A Zebra Diguised as a Gentle Brown Horse
Six Characters in Search of an Author
Writing Two Pieces at Once
Accused of Making Sense
The Reader’s Encyclopedia
Fine, Ripe Pears and a Painful Intrusion
Where Writers Get Their Ideas
Confessions of an Addict
Ignorance Revealed
Hats and Cigars
Out On A Limb
Being Normal Is Not Normal
Writing Letters
Flippers, an Oxygen Tank, and a Bad Plot
Loser Take All
Free to Write, Free to Go Unheard
A Second Pair of Eyes
The Perils of an Excessive Personality
On the Outside Looking In
Another Brilliant Idea Down the Drain
Stolen Mail and Missing Checks
A Small World
Never Enough Books
The Man with the Lantern
My Grandfather and Captain John
Dropping Bombs on Strangers
The Tradition of Literature
Wrestling with Hamburgers
The Aftermath
Batter Up!
Tormented by a Mosquito
The Long Way Home
Voices from the Past
Somewhere it is Written
The Vineyard that Never Was
Cutting Hair
A Bag of Buttons
Why Not a Horse?
Quietly Going Mad
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
The Great American Novel
Out of the Shadows
Sundays, Far from Home
High Street, Nov. 23, 1999
Who knows the dreams that lie here buried?

Also by William Michaelian

Winter Poems

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ISBN: 978-0-9796599-1-1
80 pages. Paper.
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