It’s nine-thirty on a Saturday morning, and I just completed another entry in Songs and Letters, my current work-in-progress. Those who have been following along already know I have been living with my mother for some time now, and serving as her companion and friend as she undergoes the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

At the moment, I am hoping the neighbor’s dog will stop barking and let her sleep a little longer. She was up already once this morning, but after breakfast she decided she wasn’t ready to face the day. She crawled back into bed and immediately fell asleep.

I have a fair idea of what the rest of the day will bring: questions without answers; her struggle to remember who she is, her life, and family history; and her bewilderment when she learns again that I am her youngest son and not a visitor who for some odd reason looks, sounds, and acts like me and knows everything about her.

The dog stopped barking. I just checked on my mother, and she is still asleep.

How strange life is, how beautiful, how tragic. What a price we must pay for what we know and learn, and for the experience we pass on to others. Those who run from difficulty cannot imagine what they are missing. Worse, they become a broken link in the human chain, which can only be strengthened by hard work and the inspiration derived from sharing mankind’s best, most heartfelt efforts.

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