Between sneezes, I’ve been finding some interesting things in the cardboard boxes I stashed away years ago in our eldest son’s closet — papers, folders, notebooks, and other remnants of my writing “career.” One such oddity was a yellow folder containing the second part of a handwritten collaboration with a friend in high school — a totally ridiculous story about a preacher prone to heart attacks, his devoted but simple-minded, drug-addled wife, and the “good” doctor who keeps them both in a state of frenzy as he tries to do away with the preacher and win the wife for his own. This was after the preacher’s big lecture tour, of course, which was also interrupted by several heart attacks. Ah, yes — those were the good old days.

Another thing I found is the typescript of a children’s story I wrote in 1992, I believe, called “Old Grandpa Moon.” One night many years ago, a friend of mine and I were walking in the neighborhood of his apartment in Fresno when he looked up and said, “There’s Grandpa Moon.” And he talked a little bit about spending time with his grandfather in the village where he grew up in Western Turkey — about going out into the field together and spending the night with him outdoors near a fire he had built. The image stuck with me, and a few years later I wrote the story, although it is set inside instead of out.

When I have time, I just might re-type the story on the computer and share it with the world. What I would really love to do, though, is find an illustrator — in this case, my wretched self-portraits simply won’t
do — and publish it together as a children’s book.

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Winter Poems

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